Oily Skin Basics

My skin has being going through some changes during this summer and right now it is on its oily stage, so I wasn’t  quite sure how I should treated it since my skin has always been dry skin. So because of that, I had to change some steps from my skincare routine.

I started washing my face twice a day since it is highly recommended when you have oily skin, another thing to take care of is the cleanser; avoid cleansers that  have alcohol somewhere in their formula, instead try products with ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or beta-hydroxy acid. This ingredients are use for acne products which will also work for oily skin…oh! and don’t scrub your face, treat it a gentle as possible.

As for toners instead  I started applying it ONLY in my T-zone since that’s my “problem” area. Toners are supposed to create a dry patch for your skin so that’s why it is recommended to apply it where your skin is a bit more oily.


Moisturizing is a big most and it doesn’t matter is your skin is oily you should not skip this step, just look for moisturizer that are oil free and you’re set to go.


The same goes with make up, avoid liquid foundation and go for mousse- based foundations or even powder foundations, the goal is to keep our pores from clogging.

And last but not least exfoliation will become your best friend, try doing it at least once a week; this will keep your pores clean and will reduce the dirt in them.

And there you have it, it’s not that much but it was helped me during my oily stage.

Until next time,




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