Sound-ful Wednesday: Reyno

Reyno is  Mexican band formed by Christian Jean voice and guitar and by  (voz y guitarra) y Pablo Cantú who is the drummer. They started in the year 2012 and shortly after that they were the opening act for a famous Mexican band Zoé, which helped them to gain more fans.

Reyno has two studio albums; one of them was released under Panorama which belong to Universal Music and the other one, “Dualidad” was released last year under the same label.

Reyno’s sound is pretty much your average indie band sound and it works for them, rock vibes with very catchy melodies that adjust quite nice to the whole song, which makes it very easy to listen to. I guess that’s the reason why I like them, it’s simple and it’s well produced.

If guy like indie bands, this is a great choice to listen to.

Until next time,



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