Sound-ful Wednesday: Broods

If you like Foxes, Purity Ring or Lorde this band is for you. Broods is a New Zealand band formed by  Georgia Nott, who’s the lead singer and her brother  Caleb Nott, who’s in charge of production and backup vocals. Broods gain popularity when their single “Bridges” was released.

After rankin in number 8 in  New Zealand’s music lists, they singed a contract with Capitol Records on the year 2014. Their debut EP “Broods” was released on the January 2014 followed by their first album studio “Evergreen”, released in August of that same year.

Brood’s sound in my opinion has a trip-hop vibe but it’s somehow softened by this indie, electro pop melodies that are added to the sound making it into a very enjoyable melancholic sound.

Their latest single “Heartlines” is a track of their new album “Conscious” which you can get right here.


Hope you guys enjoy it, until next time.




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