Reality vs. Idealizing During Love

I’m a huge romantic and I’m  proud of it; I’m the kind of girl who expects a guy to get her flower, surprise visits, walk her home, late night calls and  all that stuff…I just like the feeling that comes along with these actions.

But, on the other hand since I started dating, all my choices have been the complete opposite from what I expected…and it’s okay I want to believe I’ve learned something from all those relationships; some of them were better than others but at the end none of them were able to fulfill my idea of a relationship and it got very frustrating because all of a sudden it became okay for me to date anyone who showed interest in me.

However, those actions led me to understanding that idealizing something isn’t the best thing  but it isn’t bad as well, I just have to find the  balance for both of them, because in my opinion, you idealize things according to your standards and that’s awesome cause you know your worth and what’s good for you, the downfall comes when you want to have or to “live” those ideals at any cost to the point where  you forget how much you’re worth and start agreeing with anything that seems somehow fulfilling.


So that’s why embracing your reality is important ’cause maybe he’s not the man who checks everything on your list but  maybe he is just what you need at the time, and it’s okay as long as you don’t forget  about you like I have done in past relationships; because at the end, it’s not about having high or low standards, it’s about loving yourself and knowing what’s good for you.

Until next time,




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