Setting Spray vs Fixing Spray

We often use one of these two on our daily routine but can actually tell what them apart? At the beginning I thought that both the setting and the fixing spray were the same products  but it turns out that they have separate functions.

For instance the fixing spray helps your makeup last longer, they are also a bit more scented since it is an alcohol base product. For better results I would suggest that before applying any fixing spray apply first a setting spray this will only make your makeup last a bit longer than it would if you only use the fixing spray.

My recommendation: MAKE UP FIXER by KiKo Milano


As for the setting spray when you apply it on your skin what you’re making with it is create a much more homogeneous finish to your makeup, also, unlike the fixing spray this one is not an alcohol based formula; it is on the other hand a water-oil based formula. Just remember not to apply before makeup, this is an after product.

My recommendation: ALL NIGHTER by Urban Decay


There’s also the Mac Fix+ spray but I would it’s more of a finish spray than either a setting spray or fixing spray…too many sprays!

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