Changing Perspectives…

I’ve got to admit that I used to be a very negative person; I don’t why but it became part of me real quickly…you know, always complaining, being super antisocial and stuff and I felt very comfortable with it. In retrospective ,I think being a negative person became my shield.

Being a negative person felt very comfortable, and it is comfortable when you think about it, because you don’t have to leave that comfort zone and you can just deny every opportunity there is to avoid either failure or rejection…it’s deny yourself of any potential breakthrough in your like. (at least that’s what it was for me)

I think I realized it wasn’t healthy anymore the first time I lived in Korea, ’cause I became such a miserable person full of negative vibes and I could’t see the bigger picture; it was pretty much me complaining 24/7 about everything and it’s sad since because of that attitude I stopped myself from trying to mature or grow in a foreigner country.

Also, I feel like I turned out to be a toxic person for those who were around me and being toxic made me more toxic it was like a vicious cycle and at the end I was not happy, I was just moody and it sucked…that’s why when I went back to Mexico I was able to change perspectives and realize the harm I was doing to myself.


That’s why nowadays I try to stay positive with positive vibes and positive people, ’cause what they say it’s true…you get what you give. It’s never too late to realize this and try to change how you rule your life, that’s why even though still having my “dark” moments I try to change my mind and think about the positive side of the situation.  And you know what?  Having positive vibes feels very satisfying and you feel the atmosphere around you so much lighter and not frustrating at all.

I’m glad I got the grass from the other side because it had a huge impact in the way a ruled my world.

Until next time,




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