Dashing Diva Magic Press-On Nails

For girls that find nail art a waste of time or are just not in a great relationship with it; press-on nails can be a very good option, however, it is important to find a good brand just to make sure the nails will survive more than just an hour.

Now in my personal experience maybe it was due the brand but my press-on nails failed real bad…The brand that I use are the Dashing Diva Magic Press and the experience was rather disappointing. IMG_0807

The nails come in this little transparent plastic box where you can see the nail design and I went for this pink color with some metallic details and let me tell you this, it only came with the  metallic nails for just one application, the rest of the were just pink.

Another thing is that the glue does stick rather well during the first two hours but then one of the nails just flew aways while texting and I’m pretty sure I “glued” them the right way… although it is fair to say these nails do not include any sort of extra glue. Also, the nail is pretty much just plastic and if it’s not plastic it feels like it and they bend quite easily.


…I know there are extra nails in case one them falls off but c’mon I used them just for one day and I was missing like an entire hand…


Overall, press- on nails are great, there are some very cute nail designs and it does save you a lot of time an maintenance and plus it doesn’t hurt your nail which is great, but my experience with this brand was not the best.  Maybe  next time I should try the Elegant Touch press-on nails?

Until next time,



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