Things that I Keep On My Carry On

When travel I do tend to pack my luggage quite heavy, however, for my carry on I try to keep it as simple as possible, so having say that I’ll show you my basics for my carry on.

The first things are my laptop and phone,  I don’t use them that much during the flight so maybe I’m just trying to be cautious about them, I wouldn’t be fun loosing them.

Then we have a book and my agenda; these are great for killing some time during the flight and sometimes if any idea pops into my head I just write down and then I write it properly in my diary.

Another thing that you’ll always see me carrying is a package of gum…you know, just in case.


Things like hands lotion, deodorant, tooth paste and tooth brush are also a must, and try not to forget any of these things ’cause at the airport the price is just crazy.

AS for make up I try to keep it as simple as possible… I carry my “Great Lash” mascara by Maybelline, eyelash curler, my Natura powder wich I’ve had with me for almost 4 years… and a lipstick. As for skin care, I carry my Mango Seed toner and moisturizer from The Face Shop, the products smells amazing and your skin feels super refresh after using this. And depending if I have sheet mask or not I’ll also carry them.



And there you have it, those are the thing that are on my carry on bag, what are your essentials?

Until next time,



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