Eyeshadow 101

The eyes are a very important feature in our body, that’s why knowing what kind off eyeshadow works for them can make a big difference with our makeup.

That’s why I’m gonna share with you some tips on how to choose the perfect eyeshadow based on both eye color and skin tone as well as the types of eyeshadow you can purchase.



Blue eyes: Colors like lavender,coral, purple or pinkish shades will emphasize the blue color in your eyes. Also, try going for dramatic look…how about a smokey eye? in addition to this a silver eyeshadow will make an statement in your whole makeup.

Brown  and Hazel eyes: Whit eyes this color, you can experiment whit pretty much every color you want, however try some navy blues for a dramatic look. Another choice, copper, amber, burgundy, violet, golden shades.

Green eyes: Go for maroon, red tones and peachy colors, also gray colors go super well with this type of eyes.



Warm Skin: Go for colors like metallic golds, ivory, bronze, pink, coral purple berries and also soft shades of green.

Cool Skin: Go for pink shades, pale blues, gray shades, turquoise and silver are great for this skin tone, but when it comes to a silver eyeshadow try not to go over the top when applying it.


  • Have a neutral palette of eyeshadows.
  • Experiment with color, don’t be shy about it.
  • Apply a base shadow.
  • Don’t match the eyeshadow with you eye color, it might seem a bit boring.
  • Don’t over exaggerate the eyeshadow,  the less is more.
  • Don’t forget priming your eyelid.


Loose:  This one can be a bit messy but this eyeshadow also tends to be a bit more pigmented.

Cream: This type of eyeshadow works wonders as a base color or for a single-color look.

Pressed: This is the most common one. They’re not messy (loose) and the blending process is super easy.


Until next time,



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