Sound-ful Wednesday: 혁오 (Hyukoh)

Long time no see, right? ( I think I need to stop this really long breaks)

Anyways, recently I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot from this Korean band within the Korea media, and it’s actually a pretty good band and I’d really like to share this with you.

The name of today’s  band is 혁오 (Hyukoh)  a Korean band. The name  of the band comes from Oh Hyuk who is the vocalist and  the guitarist , then there’s Lim Hyeon-jae lead guitarist, base player  Lim Dong-geon, and drummer Lee In-Woo.

The band started out playing in some small  venues indie in Seoul,South Korea until one of their songs got featured in a famous Korean Tv show and became well known in their country.

The band has two EP’s 20 (2014) and 22 (2015) and just last year Hyukoh was signed by the  independent label HIGHGRND which is a subsidiary  of YG Entrainment one of Korea’s largest media conglomerate.

The fact that they keep a very simple sound and  melodies  that are very well thought and structured separates them from this pop world that Korea is well known for; and you can see  what kind off influence they have on their music…sometimes you might think about The Whitest Boy Alive, Beach Fossils or even Beach House while listening to Hyukoh.  It’s not that their sound is 100% dream pop but it is a huge part of their sound.

And even though they have been under the radar for allegedly plagiarizing several songs, Hyukoh is the perfect example that in a country where indie music is rather unpopular having a new vision or a simpler way of feeling and doing music  can stand out from the over the top produced pop music that emerges every five seconds in Korea.





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