Getting a Brazilian Blowout or a Japanese Straightening…what’s better?

If you have curly hair or an extremely frizzy hair I bet that you get tired of straightening it every single day, and I totally get you, it takes quite a while to get it perfectly done and the damage to the hair is quite significant.

That’s why on today’s entry we’re gonna talk about the difference between the Japanese Straightening technique AKA Thermal Reonditioning and the Brazilian Keratin technique AKA Brazilian Blowout.

For starters, both of them are great ways for straightening your hair, however, depending on how much you want to spend and the results you’re expecting, one of these two may fit your need a bit better.

The Japanese Straightening unlike the Brazilian Blowout will  remove the curls – it changes the structure of your hair- and leaves it straight flat. As for the Brazilian Blowout, it will only smooth out the cuticle, eliminate frizz and repair the damage in the hair.  As for how long it lasts the Japanese one is supposed to last forever but when your hair starts growing again it will maintain its natural texture; as for the Brazilian Blowout, it can last up to six months depending on your hair type.

Now, even tough the Japanese Straightening lasts “forever” the damage in the hair is also bigger, for instance it could dry out your hair. But,  if you go for the Brazilian Blowout since it’s a keratin based on treatment, your hair will look better and it will help your hair repair all the damage it may have.

Another noticeable difference is the price and how long the treatments take to do. Let’s start with the Brazilian Blowout, it’s around $200 and it takes 2 hours maximum to get done, the Japanese Straightening can cost up to $700 and it takes up to 5 hours to complete.

As you can see both of these techniques have pros and cons and at the end it’s better to ask your hairstylist which of these treatments works better on you, but, it is always better to have some background that can help you with your decision while discussing it with your hairstylist.


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