July’s Favorites

I know that for this type of entry I normally write about products that I’ve purchased and have been on my daily routine for many reasons, however for July, I wanted to try something completely different. That’s why for this month I’m gonna share some of my favorite homemade masks and scrubs.



This is my all time favorites; it’s super easy to make, toxic free and as effective as any product would be. With this scrub your face is going to feel softer and a lot more moisturize, also it kinda heals it the acne a bit. You just need a tablespoon of both brown sugar and honey. (try to get raw sugar)


coco and ho

I talked about this one a while ago and it’s basically a mask that will make your hair softer. For this mask you just need to mix  some coconut oil and honey, just a spoon of each will do, heat the mix for about 3-5 minutes. When times up just wash your hair like you normally do plus some conditioner.



You just need and avocado to get a natural anti aging effect, another great benefit  is that the avocado can get rid off free radicals that can create dark spots in our skin. I only use the avocado but you can add oatmeal, honey, yogurt and so on depending on what kind of “treatment” you want for your skin.


Tomato and sea salt

This one is a bit hardcore but  I loved doing it because of the result I saw on my skin. This is great for getting rid off any dead cell that we may have on our skin.  We just need to add some sea salt to half the tomato and start rubbing our faces with it. Another tip that I learned while doing this is to open your pores with vapor before rubbing your face; the results will be better with this.

Those are my favorite guys;  I tried to be more toxic free when it came to my skin and I’m pretty happy with the results, I know this is not the normal “favorites” but it felt great to let my skin rest from any chemical that’s in both make up and skin care products.

Until next time,



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