My Favorite K-Beauty Products Pt. 1

Korean Beauty products have been having a major boom recently and I believe that’s because the skin they have seems to be flawless and they do pay a lot of attention to their skin and how they take care of it.

That’s why while living in Seoul I dived myself into this frenzy for Korean Beauty products and I have to say that some of the products I bought there became a part of my beauty routine must haves, so I will share them with you and hopefully you’ll like them.

Nature republic


The first product is the Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack from Nature Republic,  this one is just amazing. While living in Seoul taking care of my hair was a mission impossible since there are not that many products for curly hair, but I found this and it just made my life a lot easier. If you like hair masks this one is good product for you to try.



hawaiian frech clay packThe next products is also a Nature Republic product and it has been featured in my favorites; the Hawaiian Fresh Clay Pack is by far one of my favorites masks of all times. It’s mainly use for pore minimizing but it’s I also find it to be good for blackheads and it leaves your face so soft and the smell is actually quite nice.




tcfs bb cream

Then we have the Too Cool For School After School BB Cream, let me tell you guys this BB cream is one of the things I miss the most about living in Seoul. This did wonders to my face and it actually matched my skin tone which from time to time was a bit hard; it’s doesn’t feel that heavy when you applied it but it is a bit thick tough (I hopes this makes sense to you guys), and it has a very good coverage the only downside is the packaging; it has the weird spatula and things can get messy but other than that is a very good product.


In terms of cleansing I had two favorites; the first one was a SkinFood product the Egg White Pore Hard Foam I found this one to be very useful when I felt my skin very oily. And the other product was the Rice Brightening Facial Cleansing Tissue, also from SkinFood. This was “I’m feeling lazy”  go to product for cleaning my face.

innisfree sheet mask

And as for sheet masks, my go to were the Innisfree sheet masks, they’re not that expensive compare to other brands and the results are very satisfying.  Just put them whenever you have some free time and pamper your skin. The best part is that you have a sheet mask made out of  almost anything, you have rose, tea tree, rice, collagen, vitamin C… and so on. If you haven’t try a sheet mask this would be a nice way to start.




For now this is it. If you liked it let me know so I can do a part two of my fave K-Beauty products.

Until next time,



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