Jeans 101

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is pretty much the same as find the perfect match…it’s a task that requires a lot of time and patience. That’s why I wanna give some tips on what to look for when you’re shopping for jeans. Let’s start, shall we?

Have in mind that sometimes spending a bit more in a pair of jeans can be a good decision, however that doesn’t mean that you should only look for designer jeans; it’s all about how well they fit.  For example, maybe you’re buying a 300 dollars pair of jeans ’cause they fitted perfectly so that means you’re gonna use them constantly, right?  In that case, you’re actually making the most out of those 300 dollars that you spent earlier.

Another things is to look for jeans that have a darker wash; in my personal experience I find these to be a bit more flattering than a light wash pair of jeans, also the dark wash jeans can make a great day to night outfit transition.

When you’re tying on jeans, try not to pay that much attention in the cut , it is indeed important to know which cut fits you better but sometimes it can be wrong so I would suggest that you know your body type and what cut works better for you body  and use that as a start point and if doesn’t work out instead of the cut, pay attention to how well they fit your body. Let’s face it, if it fits it fits.

Now, for the body types here is a mini list of what cut is suggested for each one of them.



Banana or Rectangle: Try either skinny flares or boyfriends jeans, these two will add a bit of extra figure to your body, and if you like skinny jeans always go for the ones that fit your butt and tights properly.

Apple or Inverted Triangle: In order to balance your figure a bit more try wearing a pair of trouser jeans.

Pear or Triangle: As with the apple shaped body is about finding something that balances your figure that why when trying a pair jeans go for a pair that has big pockets on the back and if you like higher rises , these can add some balance to your figure. Bootcut jeans and flared jeans with a wide leg are your bffs.

Hourglass: You can go for a pair of skinny jeans, skinny flares or high wasted jeans. Girls, this figure can pretty much rock on every cut since the proportions of the body are spot on.

So there you have it, what’s your favorite pair of jeans?

Until next time,






3 thoughts on “Jeans 101

  1. I feel like maybe I should try out a pair of flare jeans because they would flatter my figure, but at the same time I think that big jeans would only make me look bigger! The thumbnail (or is it featured picture?) GIF cracked me up btw hahaha


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