Parabens…what are those!?

Our society has been experimenting a new found love for a more organic and healthier life style; this applies for things like food, grocery supplies and even in terms of make up and skin care people are becoming more aware of their purchase and what components it has.

Among all the components  in our makeup there are these so called “Parabens”. Parabens are a group of chemicals that are use to preserve and obviously to prevent bacteria growth from happening in the make up,  these chemicals are use more often within skin care products and deodorants.  If we read this, parabens seem to be quite useful and they are, they do their job and it’s fairly cheap; the downside to these chemicals is that they are petroleum-based chemicals, so that means there’s nothing organic about these chemicals.

Beautiful-Woman-W-No-MakeupThe effect that these chemicals have on our skin is not something that would keep us awake, however if you have a sensitive skin you may present allergic reactions, skin irritation and even dermatitis.

It was also believed that the parabens were somehow related to breast cancer but this idea became weaker when some studies revealed that the parabens  have a very weak estrogenic effect. (wanna no more? click here)

Now, even tough the majority of skin care products have this chemicals as a component there are some companies that are going organic and are eliminating chemicals like parabens from their products and I find it amazing; they are a bit pricey but the quality is completely worth it.

If you wanna go more organic with your skin care products or just want to avoid getting any chemicals into your skin, then these brands are made for you.


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