Rocking Your Denim Jacket

Can we  rock a denim jacket all year long?… Yes we can!

A denim jacket pretty much goes with every single piece in your outfits, I guess it’s because denim is an easy fabric to wear; if it’s cold you put a jumper underneath it, if it’s hot just put a tank top with your jacket and you’re ready to go. Wether if it’s day or night a denim jacket with the right accessories will always make a good impression.

Plus, it amazing to see the evolution of this clothing in particular: it started as a plain denim working blouse then pass on to  be a western representative clothing (remember the Malboro guy?) after that it became a cloth for the rebellious and then it just ended up being part of the pop culture.

Here are some outfits that prove this statement.


What’s your favorite way to style a denim jacket?



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