Sound-ful Wednesday: Oh Wonder

If you’re into duos then this  is totally worth listening to. Oh Wonder is a London based duo formed by Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West. They started releasing a song per month until they released their firs debut album “Oh Wonder” in September 2015.

They’re sound is quite peculiar, first of all there’s a lot of piano in the songs but they mix and play with other elements such as harmonies from members of the band and also you can hear some electronic and synth elements in the songs making it a low tempo-synth pop kinda thing.

Due to their strategy, which seemed to have a good response, Oh Wonder has been working super hard for the past year and this duo has been performing in cities like New York, L.A., Paris and London. Oh Wonder did such a brave move that seems to be paying off since they’re gonna be busy all year long.

Hope you guys enjoy Oh Wonder’s music as much as I did!




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