Fake Tanning…yes or no?

If you would like to achieve a perfect tan without leaving your house, then you should definitely try some fake tanning. There are different ways of doing it; tanning bed,tanning booth, tanning spray and tanning lotions or oils.

This all are very effective ways, however, I would suggest a self-tanning method  just to be more let’s say careful with our skin; I’m saying because if we use either a tanning bed or tanning booth on a regular basis, our skin will have several repercussions such as premature aging and a higher risk of melanoma…remember when Ross (Friends) got his tan?


These repercussions might be caused due to technology the salon uses cause we’re not 100% sure if that technology has cancer-safe UV lamps or maybe the levels of UV exposure  that the salon uses are not safe for our skin and even if the sessions are a little too often they can also cause damage to our skin.

Now, on the other hand there are this so called self-tanning methods such as tanning lotion or tanning spray, I know these are a bit more tricky since the results and how good it looks depend totally on us but we’ll avoid our skin from peeling and also it helps us to keep the skin hydrated, the dow side of this lotions is that they may or may not have SPF since it’s a indoor lotion but other than that it makes your glow, tanned and you’ll save some money during the process…which ones do I recommend? These are my picks.







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