My Fashion Icons

What makes an icon?

I’d say that what makes an icon  has to do a lot with the person ‘s charisma, style, intelligence, sense of fashion or whatever quality that keeps having an  impact or influence on someone else’s life, behavior or sense of style. It’s taking that person as an example for stuff you’d like to do.

And as years keep passing by industries like  Fashion, Film and Music have seen a lot of “icons” being created ; having that in mind here’s my list of some of my favorite fashion icons of all time.


You may know Nico thanks to the band Velvet Underground and for her firendship with  Andy Warhol. Nico was born in German in the year 1938, she was a singer-songwriter, actress and model; she even participated in campaigns for CocoChanel and Lanvin in Europe. Her style was mainly influenced by her European life, it was both  chic and elegant. Nico was the kinda girl who could go from a classic beauty to an effortlessly chic in no time.


There can’t be a Fashion Icons list without Audrey Hepburn, the Oscar- winning actress left a great legacy in general but her style will always be a synonym of elegance. Her outfit were constantly associated with a minimalistic style and monochromatic colors. Just a pair of slim black trousers, flat ballet-style pumps and a fine black jersey was all she needed also, the LBD was one her signature looks . More than an icon, she is a timeless beauty. 

PENNY LANE (Almost Famous)

I know it’s a fictional character but guys, her style was just spot on…so effortless and yet so perfect. If you wanna try some boho chic then Penny  should be the one you look up to. She made me believe than one can actually create a “I woke up wearing this” outfit-I love her; and if you haven’t watched the movie yet, please do…it’s amazing.


Just as Penny Lane, Florence Welch is the queen of boho chic. Her outfits tend to have this 70’s vibes, even on the red carpet she manages to pull the boho chic look with out any problem. From Gucci to Kenzo she keeps true to herself in every single outfit she wears. Talking about finding your style, right?

This is not the whole however these are the ones I feel more attached to (not in a stalker way). Who would you say are some of your Fashion Icons and why?



One thought on “My Fashion Icons

  1. I had to click on this because I saw Audrey Hepburn. Her fashion style was definitely classic, and she is the one that made the Little Black Dress so iconic! I still get inspiration from her outfits even though they’re from decades and decade ago.


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