Chaos Magic…

Hey  guys!

So I was reading on line about this trend called Chaos Magic, have you heard about it?  The masterminds behind this not so new trend are the same creators of the Normcore trend…the one and only New York collective K-Hole.

normcoreAs you may recall the Normcore trend was basically people dressing as a Seinfeld episode or just wearing whatever felt  the most normal and “blah” outfits ever. However, after becoming appealing for all the masses, the K-Hole cofounder Emily Segal and company decided  it was time to move on from that and have something completely different to those Seinfeld days.


That’s when Chaos Magic comes to the scene, this not so new trend (2015)  goal or vision is to generate a positive thinking, also is to dress as Harry Potter characters while  playing mix and match with other elements and eventually finding yourself throughout the whole process. As I see it, it’s a way of going out of your comfort zone while realizing and being empowered by the”The Secret”.

At the end, just like Normcore the whole Chaos Magic may come to an end when the new forecast from K-Hole comes out, but in the mean time let’s discover the magic that comes along with it.

If you wanna know more about K-Hole, go right here to check more about their projects and issues.



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