Skincare 101: Bye Bye Pimple

Hey guys!

Don’t you hate it when you have an important meeting, a date or your photo yearbook taken the next day and a pimple decides to just appear out of nowhere?

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That’s why on today’s entry I’m gonna share with you some remedies that you can do overnight to dry the pimple that will help you get rid of them , are you ready? Let’s start.

Lemon Juice:

lemon juice

The lemon juice will kill the microscopic organisms since it will work as a germicide and also as an astringent that will help out with the excess of oil in our skin.  So right before you sleep on a clean cotton pad put some lemon juice an apply it on the pimple.




toothpasteI’ve read about this remedy for a while now, however, since tooth paste might be quite aggressive to our skin so try using it carefully. After applying WHITE toothpaste to your pimple wash it off with cool water the next day if you see no results leave it for another 30 minutes or less and again wash it off.


Ice Ice Baby…:

ice-cubesIf your pimple still a baby pimple you can apply ice that will help the swelling and also it’s gonna help contract the microbes and oil from the pimple.  You can apply it as many times as you want during the day or night until you see the pimple vanishing.



Garlic cloves … do you know your varieties?The garlic gloves will act as an antiviral, and will help with the cell reinforcement besides it’s great as an antiviral and cancer prevention. Actually, a lot of people recommend swallowing a garlic glove on a daily basis to maintain a good health. (I’ve tried this whenever  I have the flu and let me tell you that it works wonder.)

Anyway, if you wanna try this what you have to do is cut the clove and rub half of it on the pimple and then just let it rest for 5 minutes, after that wash it off with warm water, and just as with the ice you can do this as many times as needed.


peppermint teaPeppermint is amazing for your skin since it has the refreshing sensation, plus the menthol has a soothing effect that can help with the redness and the irritation that the pimples cause to your skin.

What we need to do is crush some peppermint leaves so that way we can get the juice, after that we are going to apply the juice for 5-10 minutes and then just wash it off with cold water.


AspirinThis may sound crazy but a lot of people go for this remedy due to its effectiveness and because it’s something that we have in our house. The aspirin can help  you to get a cleaner skin, reduce pore size and reduce inflammation. For this we are going to crush a few aspirin tablets and add just a tiny amount of water so we can create a paste of it and then that paste is the one that we’ll apply to the pimple, we’re gonna let it dry and the next morning we’re just going to wash it off.

And that’s it, hope you find this useful!




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