Zara Haul-2

Hey guys!!

So Zara sale season has officially begun and that gave me green light to leave some  of my money in Zara. Let’s see what I got, shall we?

The first thing I got is a sweatshirt, I just think their super comfortable and you can go for a stylish look or just a casual look with this bad boys with just changing your shoes and accessories.


Then having in mind this crazy weather I went for a Zara Knit that I fell in love in with, it’s very simple just a white and blank stripped sweater that goes perfectly with a pair of jeans and sneakers or just ankle boots or high heels.


Again, I went for another sweater. For this again I really liked the color blocking ’cause it goes with the flow a perfect piece if I’m in my lazy mood.


Continuing with the long sleeve pieces I got this shirt that has some blue shaded square shapes and it’s not as thick as it look on the image so it’s perfect for a cloudy yet sunny day in the city.


And as for t-shirts I got this adorable stripped shit that says “Water Proof” with cute tap on it.


Moving on to other things, I also bought this dress that has a patter on it and it has a 3/4 sleeve, I bet this dress good kill it with a pair of ankle boots.


Speaking of ankle boots, I got this caramel colored ankle boots that work perfectly with both jeans or a dress…even a skirt can do wonders with little ones. What I love about these is that their super comfy and the heel is just pretty much basic so don’t worry about getting tired with the heel.


And lastly I purchased this little jacket I think the fabric it’s suede but I’m not quite positive about it. Guys, I love loooooved this one it works wonders for your body. I mean I tried it on and it made my waist look tinier than it is, definitely my best purchased.






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