Sound-ful Wednesday: TV Girl

Hey guys!

It’s Wednesday and that means it’ time to talk about music…Today’s band is a Los Angeles  band formed by Brad Petering, Jason Wyman and Wyatt Harmon called TV Girl, this whole thing started as a indie-pop project in the late 2010. They first gained attention when in their song “If You Want It” they sampled a Todd Rundgren song; after this they released an EP on the year 2011 named “Benny and the Jetts”.

Their Debut Mixtape “The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle” was released through Das Racist’s Greedhead label, followed by 2013’s conceptual Lonely Women EP.

On the year 2014 they released  their debut album “French Exit” and on 2016 they released the album “Who Really Cares”.  During all their EPs and album TV Girl has maintained faithful to their inde-pop is that Beck I’m sensing to sound. Plus, it is playful easy to digest and with a very good production underneath all.

So, I hope you guys like TV Girl and go check their bandcamp page which I will leave right here.




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