Skincare 101: Prep Before Suntannig

Hey guys!

Summer break gives us the perfect excuse to go to the beach and just get a tan that will get along with this whole summer vibes. However, we all know what are the risks of exposing our skin to the sun, that’s why on today’s entry I wanna share with you some information on how to prep your skin before exposing it to the sun.

Start preparing yourself weeks before suntanning:

Drinking water as well as exfoliating  your body will help you during your suntanning. Why?…when you exfoliate your body you’ll remove the dead skin cells than can be responsible for an uneven tan, after showering apply your moisturizer putting more emphasis on your elbows, knees and any other part of your body that tends to dry the most.

Don’t forget your sunscreen:

In order to prevent any harm that the UBV or UVA rays may cause to your skin don’t forget to apply sunscreen 15-20 minutes before heading out.

Restore your skin’s temperature:

After staying for a while under the ray lights try taking a cold shower, this way your pores will close, your skin temperature will restore and as a result your skin won’t be too damage due the ray lights. Another great idea is to buy a after-sun product this is also a way for cooling your skin.  And last but not least after your suntan don’t forget to keep moisturizing your skin, this is only gonna make it look healthier.

Oh yeah…and if after the suntan you don’t the tan your were looking for or you have an uneven tan don’t be afraid and try some spray tan or any other tan that can complete your golden skin.

Hope you guys enjoy your summer!





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