Drugstore Haul

Hey guys!

So I had a quick trip to the drugstore and I picked up some stuff that I wanna share with you, I haven’t try them but I do wanna share with you what it is. So, let’s start, shall we?

The first product I’m gonna show you is the “SuperStay Better Skin” by Maybelline. This is a powder foundation that’s suppose to be shine-free and bump free. I got two of them and gave one to my mum and she’s already using it and she said according to her experience that the powder itself is very light weighted which is great since you don’t feel your face heavy. She also told me that it blends quite well and that the powder feels quite smooth and with a silky sensation.

Then we have the Covergirl “Stay Luminous” foundation, I bought this one ’cause I read a lot of good reviews on line so, I wanted to see how truth they were.  I bought the “Buff Beige”  cause it seemed lighter and it feels very smooth and the coverage doesn’t seem that bad at least when I applied it in my arm it felt that way so, so far  so good.


And lastly there’s the L’Oreal “True Match Super-blendable Make Up”  this little fellow has been on my social media feedback for a long time so I just thought I should buy it. This foundation is suppose to be very easy to blend and also the campaign claims it is super easy to choose your color since you only need to check whether your skin is warm, cool or neutral.


Then we have the “Great Lash” mascara by Maybelline, now this product is one of my favorites. For me it works perfectly it is water proof and the shape of the brush works very well on your lashes, however the last one I purchased had a heart shaped brush which is no longer available I supposed. The mascara itself  is very black like deep black so if you look for a mascara that’s a bit lighter then this one may not be for you.

Now, let’s move on to nail polishes, the first one is the Maybelline “Super Stay” nail polish. This one claims to last up to seven days and  the shades are very cute and some other are super bright colors so it’s nice selection. The one I got is the “Pink in the Park”.


Next we have the Covergirl “Outlast Stay Brilliant”. I got this green metallic nail polish that seems to be quite promising. The Covergirl “Outlast Stay Brilliant” claims to be a base coat, color, and top coat all in one and the packaging is super similar to the Chanel nail polish but in a more affordable price.


Moving on to lipsticks… the first one is the Maybelline “Superstay 24 Color” as the name says this lipstick is suppose to lasts for a whole day and according the reviews that I’ve been reading on line it does deliver. So, I’m quite happy about that purchase.


And finally I went for another Maybelline lipstick, this one is the “Color Sensational Lip Color” and I got it on the shade 645 Red Vival. Now this lipstick has been a go to for years in my life, the one thing that I like the most besides the color is how it feels when you apply it, in my opinion it makes your lips feel smooth and it’s a bit creamy therefore you kinda feel your lips moisturize as well.


So that’s it, that’s all I got. Hope you guys liked it and if you have used any of these products let me know.



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