Sound-ful Wednesday: Suran (수란)

Hey guys!

It’s Sound-ful Wednesday…yay!!!

Today’s artist is a Korean singer-song writer that goes by the name Suran  (수란). She hasn’t been around that long in the Korean music scene but she has worked with some of the most important Korean  hip-hop musicians such as Zico and Beenzino, and on top that she has worked with Primary who is on of the biggest producers in Korea.

Her single “I Feel” (2014) was the begin for her so far solid music career and the best part  is that she’s not only the singer-songwriter she also produces and plays her own instruments and stuff.

Her sound is so fresh and upbeat that it reminds you of a happy and sunny summer day, also her vocals are quite unique for what we’re use it in terms of Kpop; it’s actually quite nice seeing something that steps out of the box, and I mean it  because she has the talent to do it all and the color of her vocals give her something extra.

Hope you guys enjoy it!








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