Skincare 101: Homemade Facial Toners

Hey guys!

So today I’m gonna share with some super easy facial toner recipes  that not only will make you look even prettier but they’ll save you a few bucks as well.

As you know what a facial toner does to your skin is that it keeps your skin Ph balance, it shrinks your pores, keeps your face feeling fresh and prevents any ingrown hair. So if you don’t use it during your daily routine I would highly recommend you to start adding this as part of it.

There are not many recipes on this post however the ones I will write in a bit require very few things and I tried to keep them as natural as possible.

ChamomileChamomile Tea Toner

For this, you’ll just need a chamomile tea bag and some water. This toner is basically as if you’d prepare some tea so after heating the water for about 5-6 minutes apply the water on your face and also your neck (don’t forget your neck) for about 5 minutes.


peppermint tea

Peppermint Facial Toner

For this we’ll need either a bag of peppermint tea or fresh leaves. One the peppermint tea or leaves boiled let it cool down and add 1/2 cup of rose water. This is a great recipe if your skin tend to by dry.


parsleyParsley Facial Toner

For our next toner we just need a spring of parsley and hot water. Once you put the spring add the spring to the water let it cool down and apply it for five minutes at least.


Green teaGreen Tea Facial Toner

In this one as the rest of the other recipes we only a green tea bag and hot water, we leave it cool down and then apply it to or faces. In this one you can actually a bit of lemon and mix it with chamomile tea as well, but if you sense any reaction wash it off immediately.

Remember to use a cotton pad when apply the facial toners and applying your moisturizer afterwards and ff you feel your face a bit sticky you can wash the toner off with water and just apply your moisturizer, lotion you name it just keep your face moisturized.

There you have it, I hope you guys feel your skin a bit better with this recipes.

Until the next time!






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