Curly Hair Don’t Care

Hey guys!

How are you today? Hope everybody’s good.

Today I’m gonna talk about something that is very close to me…curly hair. I love my hair at least I learned how to embrace it because let me tell you during junior high and high school I hated it. At that moment I felt so different and not pretty compare to other girls who had a super long straight hair.  But time passed and now I love my hair and how amazing it is to rock your curls.

So having that background believe me when I say  to you I know how hard it is to take care of curly hair, I mean in general hair is very difficult to take care of…but curly hair that a whole different story.

What I do for keeping my hair as healthy as possible is very minimum but I think it is working. One of the things that I do is that I don’t wash my hair on a daily basis so maybe I’ll skip to days also I try to use sulfate free shampoos like the  Organix shampoo this will prevent dry scalp and getting all frizzy. Also having a conditioner near you is a huge help.

Another thing that I do is that right after I shower I stylize my hair, believe me and maybe you know this but trying to do a nice hair style with your hair it’s a huge huge pain. Also for me, hair cream works much better than mousse. One of my favorite two are the Sedal Obedient Leave-In for Curly Hair and the Mise en scene curling essence 2x  and as for mousse I use from time to time  the Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mouse.

And while styling my hair I just pass my finger through it and I normally just scrunch them with my head all bended and I just let it dry. On the other hand is you like to blow dry it use a diffuser, another tip for drying your hair is to avoid towels a t-shirt or a very thin towel is a much better option.

And that’s all I do, I know it’s pretty basic but it really works and you can see it with more define curls and a healthier hair. I know curls are sometimes very high maintenance  but it’s totally worthy when you see those curls getting the attention.

baby me
Baby me rocking my mom’s curls 😉




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