Sound-ful Wednesday: Lucy Rose

Hey guys!

Having a pleasant  week so far?

Today’s artist has been one of my favorite female singer songwriter for a while now, I had the chance to listen to her music on a Bombay Bicycle Club concert as the open show.

Her name is Lucy Rose and she is a British singer songwriter. Her story goes more or less like this; after meeting Jack Steadman (Bombay Bicycle Club) she was asked to do the vocals on a track he had written and after that she started doing some background vocals for several songs in BBC’s records.

Her debut album “Like I Used To” (2012) is a clear definition of her music style; a little bit of folk mix with ballad on a acoustic set  with a very floaty and inviting voice.  Her songs are easy to listen to and they’re able to create a little bubble where it’s just you and the music.

After having a very busy 2012 Lucy Rose started working on her second album which was released on 2015.  “Work it out” is an album where you can listen to a much more mature Lucy Rose without living her signature style, songs fill with emotions and a simple and easygoing melodies.

Hope you guys enjoy it! ^^


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