Skincare 101: Kiss and Tell

 Hey guys!

A few days ago I talked about First Aids Beauty Lip Balm and how it worked for me, and this is something that I’m quite happy with since my previous lip balms seemed to dry my lips even more than keeping them healthy.

That’s why I’m gonna share with you some information about lip balms as well as the benefits, some of the best lip balms according to reviews and one or two ingredients that you should avoid before buying one for yourself.  So, let’s start shall we?

What are the benefits of a lip balm?

Nowadays most of the lip balms have SPF so that’s going to help your lips for getting dry faster than they normally would and of course it’s will help you against the rays of the sun. Another important thing is that lip balm will help your skin heal faster since it’s been kept moisturize constantly. And the number one reason why most of us buy them is that it will prevent our lips from having and healing chapped lips.

What should I  look for in a lip balm?

Lip balms as well as any other skincare product have some ingredients that we should avoid and some other that we need to look for. Let’s start we the ones we should avoid; menthol and phenol and alcohol may dry your lips or cause swell them.  Fragrance, artificial colors and ingredients like salicylic acid and  aloe butter may irritate your lips so before buying any lip balm check the ingredients first.

Now let’s talk about the ingredients to look for; the first one is SPF, other great ingredient is cocoa butter, beeswax and vaseline. Another great tip is to look for lip balms that are rich in oils; it could be nut oil, sage oil,virgin coconut or even avocado oil. There it is the greener the better. ^^

Lip Balms to look for:

*based on on line reviews, personal and friends experience

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair® Intensive Lip Balm– $20

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm– $3.30

Uriage Bariederm soothing repair barrier lip balm – $12.08 (approx)

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil – $25

The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15 – $9

Neutrogena Naturals Lipbalm – $3

Eucerin Aquaphor Lip Repair – $5 (approx)



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