May’s Favorites

Hey guys!

I can’t believe May is over, this year is just going so fast than I have no idea where all my time is going.

And sadly I haven’t been able to shop as many as I wish I could, I mean I want to share you as much as I can but unfortunately I didn’t have as much free time as I hoped to. However I do have some favorites this month, so I hope you guys enjoy it.

The first on the list is the First Aid Beauty “Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Balm“, this is one is a life saver, I’m not even kidding, I use it every night and my lips have never been better. The lady at Sephora told me that I could use it whenever I needed it but I only apply it at night and  that’s it.  So it’s a good investment if your looking for a lip balm.


Then we have the Zara “Femme” fragrance, I bought this once recently and I can not stop using it, the scent is very sweet mostly like vanilla and it surprised me that it actually lasts on me for a while so that’s a plus also the price is quite affordable.


The next one on the list is  the Organix “Quenching Coconut Curls Shampoo” and let me start with the smell is so good you have no idea  it’s coconut paradise, also the texture is very creamy  and it is sulfate free, so that’s a plus; if  you wanna know the benefits of a sulfate free shampoo click here.  Add this with the conditioner and it you’ll have a perfect hair with the perfect scent.


Then there are the Aveeno “Positively Radiant” make up removing wipes. I found these  while doing the groceries at Costco. It’s the first time I try this brand but I have to say I really like how my skin feel after I use them, and I can see most of the make up I applied on my skin in the wipe.  Also, the smell is so good and this brand actually tries to stay as natural as possible with ingredients like seaweed, wheat, soy, oat among others. So for that I would recommend it.


Then we have the “Sally Hansen Cream Hair Remover Kit“. I use this mostly for my upper lip hair and chin since it is where I have more facial hair, and it works just fine and it doesn’t take that long, this kit also includes a lotion that goes after you’ve done the whole thing. The downside is the smell of it, it’s very strong and not pleasant at all.  And just one small suggestion, before using it see if your skin is sensitive to the formula, I’ve read online that for other girls the formula irritates their skin so it’s better to take precautions.


And lastly I’ve been obsessed with watching every single season of “Friends” again…I love that show and I’ll always will, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it and if you haven’t  watched please do, cause this comedy is by far one of the funniest series I’ve seen.


So there you have it, those are my favorites I hope you guy like it and I hope I can share even more stuff with you next month!



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