Put Your Stripes On

Hey guys!

Today we’re going to be talking about “stripes”, I don’t know about you guys but for me wearing stripes is the hardest thing to do,  I have no idea how to balance the stripes in my outfit. That’s way I started researching what’s the best way to do so because one hears so many  do’s and don’ts about stripes that I had to knew what was the deal.

The first one is if you want to look thinner and with more length go for vertical stripes and go for a light/dark combo this will stylize your figure. Another thing is try no to tuck your blouse if you’re wearing one since it will cut the illusion and if your wearing pants, again, try to choose a shoe color that won’t cut the illusion or go for a full-length jeans.

Also, if your body is pear shaped avoid using horizontal stripes, they will only add more emphasis to your hips and that will make you look “bigger” than what it is and if you want to use stripes balance is with a dark tone that will slim you down.  If you wanna use a dress use the top with stripes with a one tone bottom this will give you a balanced looking figure or if it’s a whole striped dress know where the stripes will fit you.

If you wanna get a larger bust and add some curves to your body then go for horizontal stripes this will make a rectangle body look a bit more curvy and obviously with a bit more volume than usual.

And if you just happen to like horizontal stripes you can’t go wrong with a good all t-shirt/jeans combo, it’s super comfortable and super chic.

And maybe this last one is not for everybody but you can just go for it and try a head to toe stripped outfit, it doesn’t look bad at all but I know that this particular sometimes it’s hard to pull off but it’s totally worth it, it looks amazing.

Photo Credit: Diego Zuko, Stylabl, death-by-elocution, Ashley Stewart, Forever 21, Pinterest

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