Skincare 101: Get Your Hands On…

Hey guys!

So in this section I’ve been focusing a lot on face treatments and how to take care of it the most but, every part of our body is as important as our face so today I wanna to discuss with you some tips or advices to take care of our hands a bit more.

When washing your hands go for a milky soap, otherwise your hands will tend to dry a bit more. Also, don’t use water that’s too hot or too cold since this damages your skin.

Moisturizing is big deal to our hands so try it at least three times a day ,depending on how dry your hands tend to get pick your moisturizer. In my case I use the Nivea body cream after I take a shower and during the day  I always have either Vaseline or Nivea hands cream on my purse so after washing my hands and can moisturize them.

Another great tips is to massage your hands while applying the lotion or even go for a manicure this way you’ll also get an exfoliation and your nails will also be taken care of.

And just before ending this post two major tips my mom gave me (cause moms know it all) the first one is that while doing the dishes or any house work use gloves, and the last one is never to go out without your sunscreen.

So there you have it, you don’t need to spend a huge of money to have pretty hands, just small things like this one can make a huge difference.



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