Sweatshirt 24/7

Hey guys!

So I’m pretty sure you all now by now that I’m super lazy and from time to time I’m a lazy person with style, seriously, if you happen to see my closet just once it would be full with jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts, that’s how I roll.

But even with something as basic as these three pieces one can do wonders if you have the perfect piece to match them with, however, today I’m gonna focus just on the sweatshirt.

If once goes with a great pair of jeans or a killer skirt your sweatshirt can become the spotlight of your outfit.

If you’re into baggy Sweatshirts  try not to over accessorized when you’re wearing a baggy sweatshirt and in case it’s really big on you go for a simple t-shirt under it.

French Connection / Asos

On the other hand, when you’re planning on wearing a print Sweatshirt have fun with them, try to go subtle with your jeans or skirt, make the sweatshirt your statement piece.

Shein Geometric / Forever 21 / Shein Dinosaur

At the end it’s all about having fun with your clothes and go for whatever makes you feel comfortable and amazing, I mean at least for me, fashion is all about making YOUR statement you go ahead and have fun.

Photo Credit: Pinterest.com

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