Skincare 101:Keeping our skin glowing

Hey guys!

Today I’m gonna share with you some tips for keeping our skin bright and full of glow. Remember that this is just the basics, it is something you can do in your home as part of your skincare routine. With that being said, let’s begin, shall we?

  • Having a healthy lifestyle: This is a cliché and sometimes hard to achieve but baby steps can make a huge difference in our life. Having a healthy diet will have a huge impact on your skin go for more fruit and veggies avoid fast food. Also having a goodnight sleep is vital for having a perfect skin.


  • Pamper your face: Try pampering your skin once or twice a week; it could be with facials or a face massage this is going to help your skin restore some of the elasticity that gets lost with age.


  • Hydration: Don’t forget to keep your skin hydrated, the simplest way of doing it is by drinking between 6  to 8 glasses of water a day. If you wanna see some more tips you can go here.


  • Stay Positive: This may sound weird but having a positive way of seeing life will help your skin look brighter and you’ll look more beautiful than ever, having a big smile on our face is the perfect way of giving you face the extra glow it needs.


I know it’s not a massive list but I’m pretty sure it the perfect way to start taking care of our skin and health.


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