Cultural Weekend

Hey guys, how was your weekend?

I had an amazing time visiting an exhibition that I’ve been wanting to go for a while now. This exhibition presents Mexico’s fashion over the years and it was just amazing.  If you happen to be in Mexico City or planning any trip anytime soon is the “El arte de la indumentaria y la moda en México. 1940-2015″  exhibition and it’s gonna be until August so you have plenty of time. The main point of the exhibition is to show how  fashion and traditional art can go hand in hand.

This exhibition has over 400 pieces and it goes from the 40’s  until our present time and it goes from contemporary pieces to the traditional wear from indigenous cultures like Maya, Mazahua, Nahua and more.

As we go through the year we can see how this two worlds meet; we start seeing more traditional aspects in contemporary pieces and more designers such as Macario Jiménez or  Pineda Covalín embrace their Mexican roots to their designs.


It was so nice to see this exhibition because the whole pieces were master pieces. They were perfectly made and they do represent a particular time in Mexico’s history,  I think this was the most important part for me, seeing how a dress or a coat could tell so much about the period it was made in.

Such a lovely and cultural experience.


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