Skincare 101: Keeping Our Skin Hydrated

Hey guys!

I know that it’s not winter yet but I think it’s important that we keep a healthy skin during the whole year, and I know it’s a hard task but our skin deserves to be pampered.

Keeping our skin hydrated will guarantee us that our skill will always look spot on. This steps are super easy to follow and I’ll try to avoid super fancy moisturizer and such, I ‘ll try to keep it simple and natural.

  1. Start from the inside:  Cleaning your system will improve not only your health but it will make your skin look better. Try drinking water on a regular basis, also go for vegetable and fruits that are rich in antioxidants and go for foo that’s rich in Omega-3 the best example for this is salmon or chia seed.
  2. Things to avoid: Overexposing, this is a must. Don’t stay to much time under the sun and also during winter time avoid cold weather because this will dry your skin faster. Also try to say goodbye to things like cigarettes, alcohol and coffee; if you not just try minimize it.
  3. Exfoliate: In order to remove the dead cells that our skin has been collecting it is necessary to do an exfoliation at least once or twice a week.  You could try some homemade exfoliates like the ones in here, or if you’re gonna buy exfoliates look for the ones that are meant to be for dry skin.
  4. Moisturize: Don’t forget to apply your daily moisturizer on your skin, also don’t forget your sunscreen.
  5. Keep it humid: This is not something you have to do but having a humidifier in your room or in your office will help your skin keep hydrated.
  6. Face Mask: This will help us to keep our skin constantly hydrated and it’s also a bit of a pamper for us. You could try some overnight masks that will do the job while you’re sleeping.



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