Chokers…90’s at all its best

Hey guys!

So I’ve been seen this huge comeback of our  beloved chokers. I remembered that back in the 90’s we could find them in every color you could imagine, it was the best!

Anyway, these days the chokers got a little make over and are taking over the world. A choker is nothing more than a necklace quite tight and yes…it kinda looks like your choking with them, so yeah…chokers. (lol)

They come in different color, different material and I’ve seen a lot of choker-tops.

If you wanna use a choker you need to know what works with your neck because they might make it look a bit shorter than it is, so let’s say that you have a short neck (like I do) go for slim chokers and try not to layer so much.  On the contrary, if you have a long neck…well, you can pretty much go for any chocker.

As for what to wear with a choker I would recomen an off the shoulder piece, it could be a dress or a top or a V neck top. If you have a short neck this will create a longer neck illusion and if your neck’s long go for any type of top that you feels suits you better.

What do you guys think, was it a good comeback?






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