Sound-ful Wednesday: Beenzino

Hey guys!

So today I wanna start a new section in this blog, I love music and just discovering new bands, sounds, etc makes me happy. So therefore I want to share with you some of those discoveries. I know we already have Friday, but that’s just a playlist. Hope you guys enjoy it!

This rapper goes by the name Beenzino, he was born in South Korea on the year 1987. He’s a well known rapper there and he’s also a model (I mean, he is kinda cute). He’s first appearance was  in a Dok2’s concert, another Korean rapper.

아 태닝을 너무 했네~?

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He’s got two albums and tons of collaborations, his first album is “24:26” and it was released on the year 2012. The second one is actually a mini album, it goes by the name “Up All Night” (2014)and it’s 20 minutes long, max. Both of this records were released under the label Illionaire Records.

I find his music very fresh and youthful, I mean I have no idea what he’s talking about but he does have a nice voice and he’s voice go hand in hand with the music and the production itself.


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