My non stop playlist of the week

Hey guys!

How was your week?  Today is Friday…so that means we can find a moment to relax ourselves. And for me, that moment is when I put my earphones one and loose myself with some music.

So just as last Friday, here are the songs that I’ve been listening throughout the whole week, some of them are new and some of them are old but good. Oh yeah…and today is gonna be an all women playlist!

  • Charli XX -Vroom Vroom: This song works as a single for her latest EP Vroom Vroom, this song I find it fun to listen to and a bit relatable since it talks about the freedom one should enjoy while being young.
  • Foxes- Cruel: I love Foxes, she has a very well define music style that goes from pop to dance music and this song is no excuse, it’s so danceable and it’s a well produced pop song and her voice really matches with the whole vibe of the song.
  • M.I.A.-Bring The Noize: I don’t about you guys, but for me M.I.A is such a badass and she’s  reinventing herself and her sound with every release she was. This song is a bit old, it was released in 2009, and again, for me it’s one song that  represents M.I.A.’s essence as a musician.
  • Tove Lo – Not On Drugs: I’ve recently discovered her music and I was quite pleased with Tove Lo is a Swedish singer/songwriter that has a quite simple style in her music but still has some part of darkness within it. I would say is a bit of synth and experimental song. Her latest works include “Desire” with Years & Years and “Close” with Nick Jonas. 


  • Beyoncé-Diva: Now, this is one of favorite songs in a while. I mean…it’s Beyoncé and this song has so much power and I don’t know, I just love it.

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