April’s Favorites

Hey guys!

Did you have a nice weekend?

April’s going to be the first time I’m gonna be talking about my favorite products of a month, hope this is something you enjoy. Let’s begin with this post ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Daisy- Marc Jacobs: This perfume has been my go to during the whole month and I think it’s because the scent is so different from what I’m used to. Daisy (at least for me) is the first perfume that has a great a mixture between a woody and florar fragrance and it feel so fresh that it puts you in a great mood, and yes, the fragrance last for a while.


  • MODI nail polish: MODI is a Korean brand that’s quite famous there, the range they have in colors in amazing and very unique, however, I decided to try a nude one and I was very pleased with the result. The color is 2ํ—ˆ๋‹ˆ ๋ฒ ์ด์ง€ (2Honey Beige, if I’m correct) and it dries super nice and in less than 20 minutes you’re ready to go. Try two layers of coat for ย a better result.


  • Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color: This is a new product that REVLON recently introduced to the market and it’s quite something; first of all it doesn’t dry your lips and the color is really pigmented ย and it’s scented, unless you don’t this last part, avoid this lipstick. ย Also, the duration of this product isn’t the greatest but for me it lasted maybe between five or six hours without any problem. The only downside of this product is that it isn’t truly 100% matte but that doesn’t make the colors less exciting.


  • Clear Nose- Intensive Facial Black Mask: I’m just going to say something super important…since this is a peel off mask AVOID YOUR HAIRLINE!! With that been said, this mask is really good if you want to get rid off dead skin cells. It also helped me with the blackheads and after using it I could feel my face cleaner and feeling smoother. The only con would be the quantity, it’s just 50g or 1.77 Fl.oz I don’t know about you, but it I feel like I have to save as much as I can every time I’m using it.


  • Vaseline- Intensive Care Hand Cream- I love all Vaseline products and this no exception, it’s super affordable it smells really nice and it doesn’t take that long to absorb.


  • MAC-Heroine A75: Love MAC lipsticks so when I was looking for a purple lipstick I knew where to go, I found my color and what’s amazing it’s that this color is 100% purple. It has a matte finish, the pigmentations is amazing you have a nice texture while applying the product. And as you may know this MAC lipstick has a great longevity in our lips.


  • Nature Republic- Hawaiian Fresh Clay Pack: You may not know this about me, but I love facial masks and while living in Korea I had so many brands to choose from and I have to say that one of my favorites has been theย Hawaiian Fresh Clay Pack. It has an amazing smell and it feels super light when you apply it on your face. After using this mask my skin felt super smooth and I could feel it a bit more tight, but, if you don’t like the mess that comes along a clay mask my advice would be to try other masks since this one need to be rinse off and it can be a bit messy.


What do you think guys? Tell me about your favorite products! ๐Ÿ™‚


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