Skincare 101: Serum

Hey guys!

I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen how serums are becoming a thing in our skincare routines, you can see it on vlogs and read about it in magazines and blogs. But, what are the benefits and how do we apply it to our face? Let’s answer those questions together.

First of all, serums are not a MUST in our daily routines,  what they do is give us an extra layer in our skin protection because serums unlike moisturizers have much more active ingredients. Because of this active ingredients you’ll start to notice your skin a bit more  tone, a bit brighter, more firm, with fewer breakouts and more. Therefore, experts see a great combo between a serum and your daily moisturizer.

Also, there’s no right time for your serum…you can use it in the morning, night or at both times during the day, just remember not to abuse of the product. Another thing worth mentioning is that serums just like any other treatment for your skin should be picked according on your skin type. For example, for an oily skin go for a water light serum.

**If you have any sort of  chronic skin condition avoid any type of serums since this may cause some sort of irritation due to the active ingredients it has.


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