Wedges for spring…yes please.

Hey guys!

Today I’m gonna share with  you different ideas to wear a good pair of wedges with your outfit. I don’t about you, but I love wedges there so easy to wear and it’s the only kinda heel that my feet can stand for a very long time.

So, with that been said let’s start this:

  • Jeans or jeggins:  The cut of this two will allow your pair of wedges to stand out from the rest of your outfit since the hem won’t cover them up.
  • Dress or skirt: A dress or skirt never goes wrong with a pair a wedges and it feel so girly, flirty and refreshing (lol hope you know what I mean). It’s also perfect for this time of the year where the heat keeps getting worse.

Ok, so basically you can match them with your entire spring/summer wardrobe…see they’re super easy to wear (another reason to love them).  And you can pass this style for colder days with a pair of wedge booties and even my not so favorite wedge sneakers.

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