Let’s Talk About: Daniela Villegas

Hey guys!

Today I want to talk about another Mexican designer, her name is Daniela Villegas and just as  Mani Maalai she is a jewelry designer who launched her own label on 2008.

Her designs are mostly inspired by bugs, colors and life; each piece has a very unique style, color palette and inspiration making her designs quite playful to the eye.

On her website which you can visit here, doesn’t allow us to shop her pieces, however, you can see the collections and the inspiration behind these. Daniela Villegas’ design have caught the eye from various actress and singers like Katy Perry, Emma Watson and Salma Hayek.

One of her most recent collaborations is with Salvatore Ferragamo. This collection is about freedom and exploration that’s been represented with birds and prisms.

“I have always been inspired by nature. It’s what I believe in, where I learn, and find my answers, it’s where I go to reconnect with the world, be in peace, it makes me happy. The bird is a symbol of freedom. They soar high into the sky. They’re a symbol of eternal life.” Villegas says in the promo video for this collaboration.

As you can see, these pieces are about connecting with the nature once again and the meaning behind it.


Images: Daniela Villegas’ Official FaceBook Page/ Pinterest



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