Throwing some shade…

…no,not that kinda shade! (lol)

Thanks to the lovely weather that comes with spring, sun is shining brighter than ever, which means we have a perfect reason to wear our beloved sunglasses…which we normally  use  all year around.  (we need no excuse for that)

Despite of  being the perfect accessory for us to complete our outfit from time to time we need to remind ourselves that sunglasses exist for a reason:

For example, it can help us reduce the damage from UV rays,  avoid elements in our eyes like sand or dirt in general and it helps us prevent any wrinkles around our eyes since the sunglasses protect the skin from collagen damage and while wearing them we do not have to do any funny faces while looking at the sun.

Knowing that, how do we choose the perfect pair of sunglasses for ourselves?…Look at your face and discover what shape dies your  face have , this is by far the best way to know what is more flattering for us.

Face shape chart

Once you got the perfect fit for your face the style is just a matter of choice and what goes better with your outfit that day.  What your favorite style? For me, the bigger the better!





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