Let’s Talk About: PushBUTTON

Hey guys, it’s LTA day!!

Today’s label caught my attention during this year’s Seoul Fashion Week. The name is PushBUTTON  and as you can imagine it’s a brand based in Seoul. PushBUTTON’s  Creative Director is 박승건 (Seung Gun Park) and this label was launched on the year 2003.

PushBUTTON’s collection was presented as one of the final shows for Seoul Fashion Week  2016  which according to magazines like Vogue was all about presenting the strongest looks during those final shows.

For this runway, PushBUTTON presented a collection that had elements like anime knitwear designed by NANAN (Korean illustrator), satin, fur robe coats, over sized shirts and so on…a very diverse collection that made perfect sense while presenting.



In my opinion PushBUTTON’s aesthetic is full of colors and the way the pieces are put together makes the look  feel youthful and very  easy to wear. It is like a high fashion street wear than you can easily pull off  with any other piece you want to pair it with.


Photos: PushBUTTON’s Facebook Page


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