66100 Magazine


I’ve found this incredible magazine and I wanted to share it with you…I know we won’t be able to understand it since it is written in Korean (maybe you can), but the meaning behind this magazine is so amazing.

66100 is a Korean magazine created by the also Korean model Vivian Kim.Vivian Kim The main goal for this magazine  is to embrace a “full body” figure despite the beauty standards that a society may have.

In a world of how  people see you  is how they treat you, this magazine comes in like fresh air to encourage girls to love themselves no matter what.

The name 66100 is the combination between the Korean sizes 66  and 100 which are the equivalent of  XL in the US.  Pretty clever, right?

In my opinion this type of message is very much needed nowadays  when so many teenagers (girls and boys) are exposed to so many beauty ideals.

And as Vivian Kim says: “Beauty is not whether a person is fat or not. It’s about having the confidence to know you are beautiful the way you are.”


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