Your always faithful …Leather Jacket

Hey guys!

How are you today? Over here the weather’s been a bit crazy but looking at the bright  side, that just gave me an excellent excuse  to wear my (faux) leather jacket.

And let me tell you, I absolutely love those basic pieces that help us make a statement in our wardrobe, and for me and so many others  that’s what a good leather jacket is.

What is so practical about a statement piece is that you can wear  it pretty much with ANY piece in your closet, you only need to play a little bit with clothes to find the best way to rock your leather jacket.


The last piece of advice I would give you is that if you’re thinking on buying a leather jacket buy something a bit more expensive than you would normally pay for, and I say this because the leather jacket is most of the times a go to piece in our wardrobe so why not make an investment in a jacket that gonna be with us for a really long time, right?


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