Pastel Fever

I’m pretty sure you  guys know about the color selection that Pantone set for 2016. And, I’m also positive that you’re as in love with these two colors as much as I am. The two lucky winners are: Pantone 13-1520 also known as  Rose Quartz and the  Pantone 15-3919 known as  Serenity.

The selection for this year feels so romantic, peaceful and  feminine which makes a perfect balance between these two color that can be put apart or together, like we saw on the DelPozo spring 2016 runway.

Del Pozo RTW Spring 2016

Also, I think it’s great to take this palette and go a bit further, we’ve seen so much pastels colors on the runway, in accessories, and even on the hair that we can try this trend on any way we want and make it our own.

What’s your favorite way to wear a pastel color?


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