Let’s talk about: Gabriel Vielma

If you like structural clothes and well defined shapes I’ve got the perfect designer for you.


He’s name is Gabriel Vielma, the Creative Director for his own label. Gabriel Vielma was born in Chile an through the years he studied industrial design in Madrid before studying fashion design in London.

The fact that he first went through industrial design gives us an idea of where  his shapes come from. Also, the eye for textures and colors he has makes his designs full with empowerment and unique design. Gabriel creates clothing for an independent and vibrant woman through his use of feminine silhouettes and a balance between structure and drape.

I know I should be talking about Fall- Winter 2016 but Oh My God…his collection for Spring- Summer 2016 is so playful and yet so classy and bold. During the interviews I read (for research purpose), he mentioned that he’s inspiration had come from Vegas, and you can totally see that through the patterns, fabrics and the vibe you get from the looks.




*Photos from: http://www.vielma.co.uk/



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